Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Global Pledge of Allegiance by Edna Reitz

In Honor of Earth Day...(For Me, this says it all!)

The Global Pledge of Allegiance by Edna Reitz

(A Framed copy of this has hung proudly for over 20 years on the wall of my home...)

I Pledge Allegiance to the Earth
And to the Universal Spirit
Which gives us Life;
One Planet, Indivisible
With Peace and Justice for Us All.

I Pledge to do my Best
To unhold the Trust bestowed
In the Gift of my Life;
To care for Our Planet
And our Atmosphere,
To Respect and Honor
All her Inhabitants,
All People, Animals,
Plants and Resources,
To Create a Legacy
For Our Children
And Our Children's Children
In a World of Harmony and Love.

I Pledge Allegiance
To the Universal Spirit,
By whatever Name it may be called.
I align my Life
With the ongoing Process
of Creation;
To grow Myself with Care,
To Act from My Own Integrity,
To Be for Others
How I would want them
To Be for Me.

May We carry this Vision
Into our Hearts,
Into our Daily Choices,
And through Our
Expanding Consciousness
Within and Beyond Our Planet.

Edna Reitz, 1988

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