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Sequoyah Trueblood on the Dark and the Light (LLJL)

Sequoyah Trueblood on The Dark and The Light

by Linda Living Joy Lorenzo on Friday, May 21, 2010 at 4:30pm
There has been much discussion of late of the changes that we,
and our Beloved Mother Earth have been experiencing in these most recent times...

At this time of the evolution of our species, and by extenstion our Planet...
We are all being confronted with these issues of contrast,
that we have all been experiencing in thier most intense forms...
The most basic issues of the Light and the Dark...
That are everywhere present...
Both within and around us...
as we live in a world of dualities...

For me, this has been at the same time,
the most challenging and enlightening...
Sequoyah Trueblood, most revered Elder of the Choctaw Nation...
Has been one of my greatest teachers on this aspect of my journey...

He was recently interviewed by Stephen Dinan,
co-creator of "The Shift" Network
as a part of the recent "Sacred Awakenings Series"...

Here is a portion of this interview that, I feel,
puts this issue into beautiful perspective...
But also, for me, helped validate my own experiences
and the lessons & perspectives learned...

It's profound simplicity, not only helps in the understanding &
appreciation of the inherent beauty of this phenomenon...
but offers us a beautiful, non judgemental path to perceive & work with and through this process...
In a way that is gentle, peaceful and non resistant...

May this little piece help you grow even more on this place on your journey...
May you be as uplifted and enlightened as I feel
everytime I hear this Beautiful, Beloved Soul speak his Humble Truth and Wisdom...

Sequoyah Trueblood by way of Introduction by Stephen Dinan...

"Part of my intention in this series is to take a look at what it means to live
a sacred life. Sequoyah is somebody who is coming mainly out of the indigenous
traditions but he is also a bridge to many other traditions. I think that he carries a level
of Earth wisdom about how we need to relate to each other and our planet that I find very
nourishing for my soul and I’m sure you’re going to feel that today.

Sequoyah, I’ve said a little bit about you but by way of introduction but I also want to say
that you’re part of the Choctaw Nation and you’ve been working as a role model for
healthy leadership, peace, and joy for the world. You’re a ceremonial pipe carrier and
very deeply connected with the Kogui in Columbia, and have been working across a lot of
different institutions, from the U.S. Army to the Institute of Noetic Sciences, to the
Harvard University “Program for Extraordinary Experience”.

Sequoyah...On the Light and the Dark...

"You know, this has to do with that face of darkness, too, that we’re
probably going to get around to talking about. Our youth are our teachers and it’s said
that it will be the young ones who will lead us from the long wintertime into the new
springtime. I put a young Cree boy, several years ago, out on a Vision Quest. He had
been someone fully mired in drugs and alcohol abuse, that kind of thing. He asked me to
put him out on this Vision Quest – he wanted to change his life. He comes back from the
Vision Quest and he tells me about a vision that he was taken into. And he said, “I was
walking down a tree-lined street at night and I came to a house where I could hear a lot of
noise and I was aware that they were partying in there. I walked up to the door of the
house and I wasn’t sure if I should go in or not but something told me to go in. I went in
and I looked across the room over the crowd of people and I saw a man standing there
looking at me. I knew that was the Devil. I knew that it was the Devil but I went in
anyway.” He had fear and he saw a door with some stairs leading upstairs and he went to
that door to get out of there. As he was going up the stairs he looked up and
there was a man up there looking down at him. He said to the man,“Who are you?” And
the man answered, “I’m God.” And he said, “Sequoyah, do you know that the Devil and
God looked exactly alike?” To help the young people we’ve got to listen to them more.
We don’t need to be sitting in that circle with them and doing all the talking. The
experiences that they have are sacred holy events, like all experiences in our life. They
can share those with us as so-called elders or older-looking young people that they have
the information. And we have to take care of them, too."

Stephen -" This leads into the question of how to deal with various forms of
darkness in the world, the collective shadow, and destructive acts that are happening
right now, environmentally and socially. What do you say when people’s hearts cry out
about these things?"

Sequoyah:" I’ll tell you what I’ve been given to do. First of all the intellect is a
playground of the face of darkness. This is what I’ve learned to do to deal with that face
of darkness: I call that one called the Devil into the garden and I sit down with that Devil
and I have tea with the Devil. And I say, “Devil, you know I thank you, I love you
because that Creator who created you also created me. I want to thank you because
there’s no one on this Mother Earth who is of greater help to me. You come before me
with a silver platter with the “glitter world” on it and you hold it out to me and I’ve spent
most of my life reaching in there, onto that platter, and taking things that ended up
bringing pain and suffering into my life. So, I thank you for doing that. And you come
back any time because I’m able to see where I am. Can I stand there in front of you and
reject those things that I once took that brought the pain and suffering? Can I be thankful
to you for who you are in helping people on this Earth clearly see those things to discard
from existence?” That’s how I’d deal with that. I find in doing it in that way, thanking
those things that come, those spirits that come, that bring things that we call upsetting or
hurtful totally diffuses them and they lose their power immediately."

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