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Wisdom of the Mayans by Sean Caulfield

The wisdom of the Mayan Calendar does not come from earth... it comes
from the cosmos as a frequency that can be felt on Mother Earth... and
this frequency lies deep within our ancient heart...

is 18 October and the start of Yellow Sun (Ahau) - enlightenment,
remembrance, honor of ancestors, ascension, unconditional love,
awareness of co-creation, awareness of new possibilities and new
beginnings, awakening to miracles. Sun or Light energy represents
source energy that compels us to seek our spiritual path.

is continually manifesting itself in the the ever present now and every
13 days allows for a new cycle of energy to unfold and this in turn
holds a specific frequency that influences consciousness... The 13 day
periods also known as a (Trecena) could be looked at as a creative wave
beginning at 1 and ending at 13, with the numbers 6, 7 and 8
representing the crest of the wave.

The crest could be interpreted as a
strong influential energy... although the underlying influence on the
Trecena would still rest in the beginning.Before we go forward from where we are now it will be good to look at where we have come from... We
started a new 260 day Tzolkin round on the 9th of September (9-9-9)...
This held the energy of "Red Alligator" and saw a cycle of new
phenomena from the collective unconscious coming to the surface... on
the 22nd September 'White Jaguar' 13 day cycle started... tuning our
inner instincts with the spiritual power of Itz which is a period of
high magic - a special energy to change negative aspects... To the
Maya, Jaguar’s spotted skin symbolized the stars of the Milky Way

The birthplace of First Father in the mouth of Jaguar was
known to the Quiche Maya as Xibalba Be (shi bal ba bay) 'the Road to
the Underworld.' The Sun's daily journey from light to darkness
represents consciousness and its transformation... The Nocturnal Sun in
the guise of the Jaguar travels through the underworld revealing our
subconscious fears and allowing them to be transformed... The jaguar
paces on the periphery of our subconscious...

Protecting our inner
temple... the crest of this cycle or wave movement of 13 days and is
when the strongest influence is and you may want to remember what was
happening on these days within yourself and on earth... On earth it was
when the tzunami's and earth quakes erupted in Indonisia and Samoa...
of special importance would have been day 9 (the 30th september) a day
of change ruled by the light of Quetzalcoatl... A powerful day for
personal transformation... As we look at what happens on earth it also
has a connection to what happens within us and this is so because we
are all infinitely connected on the web of life...

A spiritual
period that opens a portal for all to express the holiness and sanctity
of life started on 5th October and ended on 17th October and was called
"Blue Deer"... Deer uplifts our spirit to rise above our worldly
limitations... This can be an empowering time to speak freely about
strongly held beliefs for the good of the community, family and/or
self... This is especially important at this time because of the shift
which Earth is presently experiencing...

No longer can things remain
the same with the same old paradigms controlling events... Now is the
time for change and now is the time for that change to be oriented
toward the good of humanity... be the change that you seek through
realizing that we are the ones that we have been waiting for... This is
a great time to perform ceremony, ritual and dance giving thanks to the
Ancestors for the gift of life and for the opportunity to live a new
future on Earth through expressions of love and peace.

There are
20 different (Trecena's)13 day energies and this cycle starts on Sunday
18th October (new moon) and represents Yellow Sun (Ahau) -
enlightenment, remembrance, honor of ancestors, ascension,
unconditional love, awareness of co-creation, awareness of new
possibilities and new beginnings, awakening to miracles. Sun or Light
energy represents source energy that compels us to seek our spiritual

The dreamer or visionary in each of us who follows his
heart while remaining grounded by earthy ancestral wisdom will complete
the spiritual journey. Sun energy gives us the power to co-create whatever we put our attention to. The
260 day Mayan Tzolkin or (count of days) has 13 X 20 day cycles
consisting of 7 days and 6 nights... On day two (19th Oct) of this 13
day cycle we are moving out of the 1st night and into the second day
and opening up to the next level, the germination phase of the second
day... Be open to new beginnings...

The Maya also called this
day sign the Day of the Ancestors or Lords, which was considered to be
the most sacred of all days. According to Kenneth Johnson in Jaguar
Wisdom: “This is the day sign of all things lordly and complete,
including the world of the Ancestors, that lies behind our present
moment, linking us with times past in an endless revolution of days…it
is clear that it represents that ecstatic process that connects us to
the collective mind and to the cyclic flow of time itself.”Although
the underlying influence on the Trecena would still rest in the

Light energy underlies (or influences) the days of 6
Chicchan (23rd Oct), Serpent or Kundalini energy rising up the spine
connecting us with earthly and heavenly energies...

And the 24th
October is 7 cimi, Transformational energy, death and rebirith... and
25th October is 8 Manik, Deer or Healing Hand energy representing the
groundedness of the 4-legged animals and the opportunity to heal our
spirit. Utilize the energy of Light Lord to look at your
personal patterns and determine what is important to your spiritual
path in this moment. Pray and give thanks to the Ancestors for guidance
to dream your life.

On the 31st of October we go into 13 days
of Red Cane/Reed, Guiding light, Day to generate new energy, organize
and take charge...To understand the unfolding creation story we
are co-existing through we need to acknowledge that we are counting
down to the completion of the divine plan... we are at the precipice of
this shift and will become pure light beings in this physical
dimension... if we are not consciously aware of this truth we could
miss the boat... we all have an opportunity as co-creators of our
creation story... before our very eyes something big is unfolding...
from our hearts connecting us to Source (Our Creator) is where we can
sense this from... our Creator would only want the best for us but we
must want the best for ourselves...

By looking at the evidence one can
see that shifts are happening in consciousness and have been happening
through a process of evolution. This shift has seen a speeding up of
creation and the most notable has happened in the last ten years. It
may feel like time is speeding up and it will continue to speed up
causing more and more things to happen in less and less time which will
ultimately bring us to an ascension point where we will live every
moment in that moment infinitely...I source my information
through having a passion for wanting to understand consciousness and
seeing the synchronicity of the Mayan Calender unfolding in
consciousness... below are some good websites to view with very
credible information collected from ancient wisdom and knowledge in our
sacred universe... we are truly living in amazing times of opportunity , ,

Why Follow the Tzolkin?Since
the Count of Days is following a universal natural cycle, it can be
followed by any person regardless of their race, nationality or
religion. It is open to all and can be followed in addition to one’s
personal belief.Physically changing the Tzolkin on a daily
basis reinforces the concept of a spiritual cycle existing alongside
our solar cycle of time.

The Count of Days may also be intuitive and
remembered with feelings. By physically changing the calendar, we use
our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to remember
ancient knowledge.The Count of Days encourages us to pay
attention and to stay in the moment. A natural tendency when following
the Count of Days is to notice coincidences. For instance, on 7 Rabbit
(Lamat) you might see a rabbit while driving down the road, rabbit ears
in the clouds or even hear about rabbits on the radio or tv.

this type of anthropomorphizing may seem silly, it provides hidden
benefits of keeping our attention in the now and encourages us to laugh
at life. Knowing the energy of a particular day allows us to be more
prepared for change. It enables us to navigate the flow of each moment
with balance and awareness.In our experience of following the
Count of Days, all one has to do is remember to flip the Number card
and the Day Glyph card, be aware of what day it is, and focus on the
energies of that particular day. Simply by consistently remembering to
do this on a daily basis allows you to experience the flow of creation
as it passes by.

Gradually, you may begin to notice changes,
synchronizations, coincidences and unexplainable (miraculous) events
happening in and around your life. By physically following the Count of
Days, we may be able to intuitively access deeper memories that
recognize the unique energy of each day. We can thus align our
awareness with the natural flow of creation unfolding around us.
Mitakuye Oyasin... We are all related...IN LAK'ECH... I am another YOU...We are one...Kamagu...


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