Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shooting at the Moon (LLJL)

Sometimes I just don't understand the insanity...Tomorrow morning our
government, I guess figuring they have done enough damage to our home
planet, our beloved Mother Earth...can't figure out how to destroy her any
further, as most of you know, is now going after the moon...

Tonight the depth of the insanity really hit me, as I watched the 11:00
"news reporters", people that call themselves journalists, people from my chosen profession, are spewing
out this story, with wide grins, like breast fed, government issue automatons, calling it simply "an experiment right out of a Science Fiction
story...Yuck, Yuck, Yuck..." I am certain that Edward R. Murrow is puffing widely on his Camels and beating his fists from his heavenly newsroom, as I write this.

My stomach is turning...My head is spinning in incredulous horror...My tears are flowing endlessly. It is at times like these, I wonder how we will ever get those with eyes to see, continue remain blind to the self serving agendas of the few and the unending destruction of the Universe.

Please, if you understand the insanity of this unbelievably horrific what you can...rant, rave, howl, stomp your feet, call out to the heavens, pray, meditate, set the intentions, bless our beloved moon and ask her forgiveness. Let Spirit know, this is not of the intention of the majority...raise our hearts and voices to the Sky...Beloved Mother Moon we who are your children...send you great oceans of Love and Healing...And So It Is!!!!

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